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For GP's: Dealing with Patients in Distress

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As a busy GP or medical doctor, a patient who presents in high distress can be challenging on a personal & professional level. You often have limited time to explore the issues, yet you want to give your patient the compassion & care they deserve. Help is here!!! In this 1hr webinar, you will learn: * Practical skills that can help your patient get out of a high distress state within seconds & minutes * Skills your patients can use whenever they feel overwhelmed by distress, including panic, anxiety & anger states * Skills that allow your patient to quickly change their body chemistry so they can re-engage with their 'rational brain' & engage in problem solving These skills & techiniques are based in dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) & have been shown in randomised control trials to be highly effective. Your facilitator is Alex Wilson- Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & Director of the Central Coast DBT Centre. Alex has over 20+ years experience working with complex & risky mental health presentations, & is passionate about sharing evidence-based skills with other health professionals.

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