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Self Harm in Teens: A Parent's Guide

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When you find our your teen has been self harming, it's often scary & confusing. It can be hard to understand why a young person might engage in self harm, & even harder to know the best way to respond. Help is here!!! This online program will teach you all the skills professionals use when working with teens who are self-harming. Taught by Alex Wilson (Accredited Mental Health Social Worker), who has 20+ years experience in the field, & specialises in treating teens who self harm. This program covers all the essential aspects of support, including safety planning. Modules in this training program include: - The dynamics of self harm - How to manage risk & safety issues skilfully - The power of validation skills (& why punishment doesn't work) - The role of emotion regulation skills - When & where to get extra help & resources Don't keep struggling alone- you're just a click away from access to professional help to create real change for your teen & your family!

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