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DBT for Helping Professionals

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Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) is the most effective framework for working with complex clients & their families. This self-paced & highly practical online program is for any helping professional wanting to learn how to better help their clients. No prior DBT knowledge is required! Based on the popular, 'DBT for Helping Professionals' live training program developed by Alex Wilson (AMHSW & owner of Mindful Recovery Services), you get access to all the teachings from that program to work through at your own pace! Plus BONUS videos from Alex's online library of DBT skills resources! Topics include: - Understanding Complexity - Distress Tolerance Skills (bonus content!) - Working with Ambivalence - Challenging Myths about 'Difficult' Clients - Therapy Interfering Behaviour - Assumptions in DBT - Dialectics - Safety Planning (including templates for use) - Emotion regulation (bonus content!) - Radical Acceptance Skills This training program contains 12 hours of CPD material & certification of completion will be provided at the end after successful completion of the assessment questions. This training qualifies as FPS (focused psychological strategies). Feedback from previous participants: 'Great practical skills that I can leave with and start using now!' 'I found this course amazing and it taught me so much. Thank you' 'Thanks for the information and amazing handouts! I truly enjoyed this training. Leaving with great resources to continue supporting my clients!'

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