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Macy (18)

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

*Macy got in touch with me after an appointment with her psychiatrist. Her psychiatrist had diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder (BPD), & to Macy this felt like a huge relief.

It wasn’t that Macy was happy to learn she had BPD- but she felt relieved that there was a name for what she had been struggling with for so many years.

Macy felt validated that there was a reason she had been struggling, & she was happy to hear there is an effective treatment for BPD.

Macy’s psychiatrist spoke with her about dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) & recommended she find a DBT program to join.

Macy did some googling & found a local DBT program, however it required Macy to attend 3hrs of face-to-face therapy a week minimum.

Macy works full-time as a teachers aid, & unfortunately this was not going to fit into her schedule. That’s when Macy got in touch with me.

When Macy & I spoke, it was clear she was keen to do DBT, but it needed to fit into her life. Work is a positive aspect of life for Macy, & an area where she gets a lot of positive social connection.

Macy agreed she could commit to 1hr/ week of DBT work (minimum), so we got her started in our Emotion Mastery: DBT Done Differently program. She got to do the skills training around her work, & have 1:1 sessions whenever she needed.

Macy has been in the program now for almost 9 months, & has achieved many of her original goals. As she develops more sophisticated skills, she is able to now identify long-term goals she never thought would have been possible for her.

Macy is a joy to work with & it is a pleasure for our team to see her continuing to grow:)

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