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Money! Money! Money!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

One barrier to accessing good mental health treatment I hear about often is money. Many people tell me they would love to work on their mental health, but they feel like they just can't afford to.

I think we need a shift in the way we value our mental health. We need to treat it as we would a physical health concern. If we ignore our mental health, problems get worse & then much harder to treat later when things are dire.

Here are my tips for factoring in financial cost & your mental health treatment:

  1. Don't choose a therapist solely on price: Choose a therapist who specialises in the thing you are struggling with! Check out their information- do they seem to know what they're talking about? Do others that you trust recommend them? Have they worked with similar issues before?

  2. Accept you will have to pay: There are very few therapists who provide bulk-billed services (see my video for more info about bulk-billing). It's just not a viable way for them to pay their bills. Paying for your mental health treatment is a good use of your money!

  3. Check out rebate options, but don't make it a deal-breaker: Medicare rebates are available to see some therapists. However, there are lots of great counsellors who you can't get rebates to see who are really good at what they do. They often charge lower fees, so your out-of-pocket expenses may be the same as seeing someone where you get rebates but pay a higher fee. Again, choose the best therapist for your needs.

  4. Make adjustments to make your mental health a priority: When getting a quote to see a therapist, consider how you could find that money in your budget. That doesn't mean you have to live like a monk- but we all have areas where we could cut back if we needed to! If your mental health is poor, everything else in your life suffers- so make it a priority!

  5. Consider the costs of NOT getting help: Mental health symptoms cost us a lot if left untreated. Maybe write down some of the things your poor mental health is costing you, & consider what it would be worth to change that.

Check out my video blog here for more details, & shoot me any questions you may have!

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