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Ness (25)

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Ness* first contacted us on encouragement from her partner. Ness had been living with her partner for the past year, but things had become difficult in their relationship.

Ness reported she was terrified her partner might leave her, even though there was no indication this was likely to happen.

Ness would pick fights with her partner when they would go out with their friends without her. Ness would bombard her partner with texts while they were out, & interrogate them when they returned.

Ness could see this behaviour was driving her partner away- but she was just so scared they might leave her that she couldn’t stop herself from acting this way.Ness was wanting help to change this behaviour, & to feel more secure within herself.

Ness joined the Emotion Mastery Program. This fit in with her work schedule & she could book 1:1 sessions when she needed them most (like when she knew her partner was going away- Trigger Town!)

Ness learnt WHY she engaged in these behaviours (spoiler alert- it wasn't because she is a 'bad person'), & was able to learn practical skills to practice when she was triggered.

These were not ‘airy-fairy’ therapy sessions Ness was involved in, or just a 'chat'. Ness was able to quickly learn skills to change. One key thing Ness learnt was how to change her body chemistry quickly when she was triggered.

When we face a strong emotional trigger, our body chemistry can make it almost impossible to think properly & make wise decisions. Ness learnt this wasn’t her fault- & it wasn’t because she wasn’t trying hard enough!

Once Ness learnt about the role of body chemistry & how to quickly change it, she could tap into her ‘wise mind’ & make good decisions all the time.

Ness was able to take back control of her reactions to things- & feel good about herself & her relationship again.

Because she was able to build emotion mastery skills, she felt more confident & proud of herself. Go Ness!

Names & identifying details have been changed to protect privacy.

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