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What Does This Sign Mean?

Many therapists have a sign outside their office saying something similar to this...

I find some people still get confused, & therapy etiquette can be new to people, so I thought it might be helpful to clarify:)

If you see this sign, it could mean:

* Your therapist is in session with another client.

* Your therapist is writing notes/ reports for the previous client.

* Your therapist if on the phone.

* Your therapist is returning emails.

* Your therapist is dealing with a client or team crisis.

* Your therapist is eating lunch.

* Your therapist is going to the bathroom.

* Your therapist is taking some deep breathes, & preparing themselves for their next session.

What this sign definitely means:

* Please don't knock.

* Please don't come in.

* Please wait in the waiting area & relax until we come & get you:)

I know it's tempting to walk on in when you see another client exiting. I love when people are excited for their sessions!

But this sign is important, so your therapist can create the space just for you, without other obligations or tasks taking their attention.


Most therapists send a welcome email outlining all the practical issues prior to first sessions. This often includes information about signage & waiting areas. Make sure you read this information before your first session so you can feel confident before you go in- then no awkwardness- yay!

Wishing you all the best mental health,


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