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Are you a GP who sees complex mental health patients in your practice?Struggling to manage these patients with limited time & lack of community resources?


We are here to help!!!


Patients with complex mental health issues are challenging in all health settings, but especially in a General Practice.
Medical practices are typically very busy places & GP’s often need to solve complex problems quickly.


This resource guide is designed to make your life as a GP easier!!!


This package includes:


- My ebook, 'Managing Complex Mental Health Presentations for GPs'

- Patient History Self-Report template

- Therapy comparison table

- Complex MH assessment & review tool

- Crisis skills handouts for clients

- My ebook, 'How to Survive an Emotional Crisis' for patients
- Resource list of specialist treatment & program options for complex patients


Get access to all these templates & resource for you & your patients for FREE!!!

Managing Complex Mental Health Patients for GPs

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Package is in pdf format with links to templates online & attached to ebook in pdf form.

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