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Traditional safety planning methods are often ineffective at best, & invalidating to clients at worst. 

In this training you will learn how to approach safety planning using dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) skills & concepts. 

This approach allows clients to feel more understood, addresses the ACTUAL problem underlying risky behaviours, & gives clients practical skills they can use right away.

This package contains:

- Information about the major flaws with traditional safety planning methods

- An alternative approach to understanding risk from a DBT framework

- Skills training in distress tolerance skills to use with your clients

- Safety planning templates 

- Resources for more support & DBT skills training


Written by Alex Wilson, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & private practice owner. Alex has worked with teens & adults who struggle with self harm & suicidality for the past 20 yrs. These are the exact skills she & her clinical team use in their DBT programs to help manage risk.

Safety Planning That Works: Allied Health Profs

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