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Students engaging in self harm or suicidal behaviours at school can cause a great deal of distress for the entire school community. Traditional safety planning methods have been the only option for education staff in trying to respond & manage these behaviours- but traditional ways of safety planning just don't work very well!


In this self- paced training package, you will learn about the problems with traditional safety planning methods, solutions to make safety planning more effective, & specific distress tolerance skills to teach students to reduce these problematic behaviours. 


In this training course you'll get access to:

7x video training modules to learn & teach distress tolerance skills (based on dialectical behavioural therapy)

Skills training handouts

Skill planning templates that you can adapt & use with your students

Access to online facebook group for ongoing support & questions

Safety Planning That Works: For Education Professionals

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  • Alexandra (Alex) Wilson is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & is the owner of Mindful Recovery Services. Mindful Recovery Services is a private practice providing psychological treatment & support for adolescents & adults.

    Alex is passionate about dispelling myths about mental illness,& is highly skilled in dialectical behavioural therapy. She is an experienced public speaker & provides consultation to other professionals on managing difficult behaviours in teens.

    Alex lives on the NSW Central Coast with her partner, 2 young boys, & a cheeky puppy named Axel.

  • For ongoing support & help with safety planning for your student, join the free facebook group!

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