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DBT 101 Program

Are you new to dialectical behavioural therapy & want to see what it's about before committing to a more intensive program?

Our DBT 101 program is perfect for those wanting to get a taste of what DBT has to offer, without a huge time or $ commitment!!!


About the Program

DBT 101 is a self-paced, online program that will introduce you to DBT concepts & skills. In this program you'll learn all about:

* The DBT distress curve

* How certain behaviours we do can reduce our tolerance to distress over time- making us feel worse!

* Skills to change your body chemistry FAST to get through times of intense emotion

* How to SKILFULLY distract when needed to regulate emotions

DBT 101 is only $125!!! Don't wait any longer- give DBT a go & see why research shows it to be a highly effective form of treatment for anyone struggling to regulate their emotions:)


(02) 4660 0100



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