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Self-Paced Training Program

DBT for Helping Professionals

Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) is the most effective framework for working with complex clients & their families. 

This self-paced & highly practical online program is for any helping professional wanting to learn how to better help their clients. No prior DBT knowledge is required!

What's different about this program from other online DBT training? It's SUPER practical! You'll learn how to use DBT in your clinical setting, even if you have limited resources. Learn about common difficulties & how to trouble-shoot them in real life!

Based on the popular, 'DBT for Helping Professionals' live training program developed by Alex Wilson (AMHSW & owner of Mindful Recovery Services),  you get access to all the teachings from that program to work through at your own pace! 

Plus BONUS videos from Alex's online library of DBT skills resources!

Feedback from previous course participants: 

Extremely insightful and knowledgeable
The trainer was very well prepared, structured to deliver the training and at the same time very mindful of the group, their work and experiences. She gave them lots of time to share and reflect.
Very clear, efficient, realistic, clinically extremely knowledgeable and experienced, approachable.
The training was very targeted and practical. The case studies were so relevant and targeted to our client population.
Alex was so knowledgeable and compassionate, and I loved the way she used examples of what she would say to the client, how the client would respond, and then her response etc.
I really liked the practical examples and the way you spoke to your clients - not sugar coated but still compassionate and validating
Well paced, organised, practical and clear
Very informative, adequate level of language, engaging and responsive respectfully and accommodating to my clients’ difficulties.
Thank you Alex for your approachability, experience and knowledge in this space. Very informative and enjoyable!
Great delivery and surprising not exhausting despite it being on zoom! Pleasantly surprised.
Very good at teaching. She is also very experienced and passionate. Would be good Alex wrote a book!
Incredibly clear, knowledgeable and engaging
Amazing energy.
Well structured, great presentation and resources.
I appreciated a very good balance of delivering theories and case studies and asking participants to respond to the same.
One of the best trainings I have done.
So inspiring and practical!
Some really relevant things to add to my toolkit
Taking away so much practical skills which is sooo helpful for my professional development. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Very practical.
So worthwhile thank you.
Thank you so much Alex, I especially appreciate your articulate, nuanced and compassionate approach to safety planning
You have really inspired me to get more training and experience in DBT as a modality, I can see the use of it not just for complex trauma, but how it can be used to help client less complex clients navigate situations in a more mindful and practical way, although my deep interest is in complex trauma.
Generous with links to resources
Highly would recommend to others. I did DBT training 10 years ago but the facilitator was too "purist" as an absolute Linehan disciple. This was flexible and workable into my clinical practice!
Such valuable training
I loved the visuals - beautiful ppt
Thank you Alex! I loved your analogies and practical tips. Experience of presenter came out , so enjoyed.


Course Content

Topics include:
- Understanding Complexity
- Distress Tolerance Skills (bonus content!)
- Working with Ambivalence
- Challenging Myths about 'Difficult' Clients
- Therapy Interfering Behaviour
- Assumptions in DBT
- Dialectics
- Safety Planning (including templates for use)
- Emotion regulation (bonus content!)
- Radical Acceptance Skills

CPD Points

This training program contains 12 hours of CPD material & certification of completion will be provided at the end after successful completion of the assessment questions. This training qualifies as FPS (focused psychological strategies).

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