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The Central Coast DBT Centre

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Specialists

At Mindful Recovery we are passionate about providing evidence-based psychological services to adolescents & adults oin the NSW Central Coast Area & beyond. Our goal is to make effective therapy accessible to all.

Our clinical team provide a range of psychological therapies, however we specialise in dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT).

DBT is considered the gold-standard treatment for borderline personality disorder & self harming behaviours. DBT has been shown to be highly effective for building emotion regulation & emotional resilience skills, & can therefor help with a range of mental health issues.

Issues we commonly treat include:

* Anxiety

* Panic attacks

* Depression

* Self harm

* Suicidality

* Drug & alcohol abuse

* Disordered eating behaviours (eg. binge/ purge/ restriction cycles)

* Trauma

DBT is a highly practical & effective therapy for creating long-term change, as well as developing acceptance skills. for the things we can't change.

Our clinical team provide a range of services, including 1:1 sessions; groups (in person & online); online learning packages & family support services. 

We are the only service on the NSW Central Coast specialising in DBT & providing a full DBT program. We run the Central Coast DBT Clinic which provides the highest level of care found in the community. 

We'd love to chat to you more about your needs & if we can help- get in touch today!

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We aim to inspire our clients & community that real, long-lasting change, is possible. We have new ideas & new approaches that get results. We are not like any other private practice- in a good way!


We care most about our clients & getting them great outcomes. Everything we do at MRS is focused on enhancing the client experience, from your first contact through your entire journey with us. We do this work because we care!


We consider ourselves brave at MRS, & we want to help our clients be brave too! Being brave means trying new things, even if they are hard. We believe when we are brave we grow.


The message of hope is central to our work. We give this message whole-heartedly because we mean it! We believe no person is beyond help. Everyone can grow & change if they are given the right support.


MRS is a place of safety. We know want our clients to feel safe & nurtured from the moment they walk in the door. This is a place of acceptance & care, without judgment.


We believe strongly in being real! We are professionals, but we are also real people. A good relationship between therapist & client is essential for anything good to occur- & this is our focus.

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