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DBT for Helping Professionals:
2-Day Online Workshops

If you are a helping professional (social worker, psychologist, educator, youth worker) you NEED dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) in your toolbox!!!! 

DBT is one of the fastest growing area in mental health treatment in Australia- so don't get left behind!!!

DBT treats emotion regulation difficulties, & is particularly effective at reducing behaviours such as self harm. DBT has been shown to be very effective treatment for complex client presentations, or for those who have not made progress with other treatment modalities. 

In this 2-day online workshop, you'll learn practical DBT skills & concepts to use in any setting with clients. You will leave with the confidence & skills to work with even the most complex of presentations!

P.S. Social Workers & OT's working towards Medicare accreditation- DBT is a recognised focused psychological strategy under the accreditation guidelines!


The course was great, I really appreciated the time and thought that has obviously gone into it. The case studies and client real world examples are very helpful as well as the handouts and templates. Very generous. Thank you!

Great taster of DBT. I’ll definitely be applying what I’ve learnt.

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