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Meet Your Trainer

Alex Wilson (AMHSW; CSW; MAASW; BSW)

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & CEO of Mindful Recovery Services

20+ yrs experience in the mental health system

Specialist in clinical treatment for teens experiencing emotion regulation difficulties, self harm & risky behaviours.

Clinical Director for Central Coast DBT Clinic.

DBT for Parents Program

DBT for Parents Program

Is your child or teen struggling with mental health difficulties & problem behaviours?

Parenting is hard at the best of times. It's even harder when you're watching your young person struggle & nothing you are trying seems to be working.


It's common to feel scared & powerless when your loved one is engaging in behaviours that are risky & problematic. Perhaps you've tried accessing mental health support without much change. 

Young people struggling with risky behaviours often need specialist treatment. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is the gold-standard treatment for emotion dysregulation, self harm & other problematic behaviours.

This online & self-paced course is your first step to knowing how to support your young person in ways that work.


You will learn essential skills & concepts to help support your young person. You will also learn how to model skilful emotion regulation that will have a positive impact on your whole family.

The idea behind this course is to teach you DBT skills & concepts that are effective in changing problem behaviours. There are several ways learning these skills will help, including:

- understanding WHY your young person engages in problem behaviours
- learning skills that can help your young person change problematic behaviour patterns
- helping you learn & model these skilful behaviour, which is the most powerful influence on your young person
- teach you how to reinforce & validate DBT skills if your young person is also learning & practicing them

The course is made up of video training modules to walk you through key concepts & skills. You get access to the exact same training modules that we use effectively with young people at the Central Coast DBT Clinic every day. 

You will learn exactly what to say, do & how to do it with a strong focus on practical skills.

Topics include:

- Understanding the function of risky & problem behaviours

- How to build & reinforce distress tolerance skills

- Skills to use during times of crisis that change body chemistry FAST!

- Emotion regulation skills for the whole family

- Effective validation skills

- Radical acceptance skills

This program is one major thing you can do to help your young person in their healing journey.

Only $197 for unlimited access!!!

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